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NFL Schedule 


Actives and Inactives from Around the League

Player Position Team Status Comments
Burris, JustonCBNYJInactive
Dozier, DakotaOGNYJInactive
Fatukasi, FoleyDTInactive
Jones, DerrickCBNYJInactive
Martin, JoshLBNYJInactive
Maye, MarcusDBNYJInactive
Sterling, NealTENYJInactive
DeValve, SethTECLEInactive
Kirksey, ChristianLBCLEInactive
Landry, JarvisWRCLEActive
Lawrence, DevaroeDTCLEInactive
Odenigbo, IfeadiDECLEInactive
Ogbah, EmmanuelDECLEInactive
Stanton, DrewQBCLEInactive
Streater, RodWRInactive

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